Lost in Space with a Frost Queen

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Lost in Space with a Frost Queen

Postby Qaz » Thu Apr 01, 2010 4:50 am

The Longest Journey


Since this is the first news post since our not so quiet exit from Bleeding Hollow and even less so entrance to Twisting Nether, I figured this would be a good opportunity to go over what, why and not how because that would be stupid. Tempest now know as Space People, made it's home and name on Bleeding Hollow long long ago, by people who no longer play, no longer raid, or are probably dead. Deciding to leave the place where some of us have been since November 24 2004 wasn't as simple as stealing server first achievements that no longer exist (people do know you get a Feat of Strength for killing LK H, no titles, right?) however another issue which has plagued the the server more recently and one that has simply always been.

Firstly the more recent issue of lag, now other guilds claim they have none, good for them, we however were never so lucky. Raiding on some days was completely out of the question, and many raids had to be canceled for no other reason other than lag, just lag, the crippling kind, the kind you'd find while trying to download Midgets Gone Wild, 28 Dicks Later or 2001: A Face Sitting Odyssey. This was unacceptable.

Secondly, and not quite as crippling perhaps grating on the nerves, like a mosquito that flys into you ear, or that mother fucker who orders 200 things at a fucking drive though, FUCK that guy. This issue I speak of is our server being the last to come up after maintenance, or god for bid a patch. Forget about doing anything for the next two days. This issue and the first are heavily tied together.

Oh and server firsts.

Jokes aside, for the most part the reaction we received was far better than we expected, a few trolls aside it was a welcome change. We hope to continue to successfully raid on Twisting Nether for the remainder to WotLK and well into Cataclysm.

Lag? Where?

So after transferring from the one of the oldest, the slowest and most heart blackening cesspit of corruption Bleeding Hollow, to the most bizarre, stable and lag free server we've ever seen she dies. From 9/12 in 4 days, to 10/12 in 1 day and 20 minutes.

In 5 attempts no less, this is a sign from Allah! May he guide our DPS, mad heals and tanks to the Glory Holes of the classiest nightclubs.



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